2015-2016 SwimBC Provincial Team Program Overview

SwimBC's Provincial Team program was created in the 2003-2004 season. In the first year of the program, team members participated in a 14 & under dual meet/training camp with Alberta. The 2004-2005 Provincial Team Program was expanded to include a complete program including recognition, camps and competitions.  This was followed up in 2008 with a Regional Camp program that takes some basic concepts of the Provincial Team program and delivers them in each of the SwimBC regions.

The aim of the SwimBC’s Provincial Team Program has always been, and will continue to be, looking to support and encourage the systematic development of swimmers and coaches with the goal of placing SwimBC athletes on Swimming Canada’s Senior National teams.

1.       Youth/Junior Program
 (includes PacSport Carding Criteria and Rationale)

Note:  Given the typical age range of the athletes selected to this program, we will refer to it as the Youth/Junior program in common usage, simply to abbreviate the verbose title above.

For the 2015-2016 season, having identified some shortcomings with the the utilization of Swimming Canada’s “On-Track” times, the Provincial Selection sub-committee (three coaches, plus SwimBC staff) of TAC has revised the criteria for this top level of our Provincial Team program with the aim of providing more targeted support to the most appropriate swimmers.

The selection criteria devised and ratified by the Selection sub-committee of TAC breaks down is as follows:

1.  Eligibility:
Swimmers born in 1998-2002, inclusive, registered with a SwimBC club and meeting Canada Games citizenship and residency requirements.
2.  Qualification:
Swimmers who have at one or more swims which ranked them in the Top10 long course (Olympic events only) nationally for 18&U swimmers as of August 31, 2015.
Relay lead-offs and time trial performances will not be considered for selection.
2(a).  Discretionary qualification:
Coaches of swimmers who are ranked 11th-15 on that same ranking list will be invited to notify us of their desire to be a part of the program.
The discretionary qualifiers who express interest will be ranked by scoring 5-4-3-2-1 for 11th through 15th, respectively, for each event in which they are ranked.
There is no guarantee that all discretionary selections will be able to be accepted into the program each year, but it will be our goal to be as inclusive as possible.
3.  Commitment:
All swimmers and coaches who wish to be a part of the program for the 2015-2016 season will need to confirm their participation by Thursday, September 24, and agree to regular reporting of specific test sets developed by Canadian Sport Institute - Pacific for swimming.
Cost for the camp will be $50/swimmer. SwimBC will cover travel costs for out-of-region swimmers and accommodation/meal costs for all.
Coaches will also be required to periodically provide test set data for athlete tracking purposes.
4.  Program benefits:

1.    Funding support for  IST services (nutrition, mental performance, conditioning, massage, etc.) upon submission of receipts
2.    RaceTek video analysis at select competitions and camps
3.    Canadian Sport Institute testing and analysis
4.    PacSport Carding
5.    Participation in Regional Prospects camps (optional)

 2015-2016 Regional Camps (Prospects and Age Group)

As with last season, we will be running Regional Camps that involve two sets of swimmers at each camp:

1.     The “Age Group” – 10-12yr. girls and 11-13yr. boys

a.     Selection is done by region, and will be based on 200IM performances from 2014-2015

2.     Prospects – girls born in 2000, 2001, 2002; boys born in 1999, 2000, 2001

a.     Selection process is similar to last year, with the eight girls and eight boys of each age selected (48 swimmers in total), based on combined FINA-point score in six stroke categories, plus next two highest-scoring.  Full details here. (http://swimbc.me/2015FallProspectsSelection )

Different from last year, however, will be the structure of the two camps.  Our aim will be to run the Age Group swimmers through a 1.5-day camp (Friday afternoon/evening plus all day Saturday), while having the Prospects Camp run two full days – Sunday and Monday.