2019/20 Swim BC Club Grant Program

The Swim BC Club Grant Program replaces all funding programs previously in place at Swim BC.  The Program High Performance grant (PHP); Athlete High Performance Award (AHP); BC Athlete Assistance Program (BCAAP) and Athlete International Incentive (AII) are terminated and replaced by the Club Grant Program. The Club Grant is intended to be an easy to understand, administratively streamlined program that will act as a system incentive to support club swimming in BC. 

As stated above, the aim of the Club Grant is to support club swimming, action the provincial sport governing body’s role in athlete development and support the needs of swimmers and programs that do not benefit from other levels of training, coaching, sport science and travel support (Sport Canada AAP excluded).  The intended outcome is to energize club swimming, to support performance outcomes from provincial to international levels, and invest in the continued development of swimmers within the foundation of our sport, club swimming.

In this initial year of program inception, Swim BC reserves the right to adjust the program to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.