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Swim BC provides various services and resources to members to help ensure club success. Below are some resources members can use to help manage their clubs.
Return to Swimming

While the COVID-19 pandemic potentially impacts the health and safety of athletes, coaches, officials, and parents, Swim BC is committed to following all directives from the Provincial Health Officer and Health Canada, including recommendations for prevention and returning to swimming.

In addition to information available from the PHO and Health Canada, below you’ll find links to helpful resources for navigating today’s stormy waters, as well as some suggestions for things you can do to keep your body and mind ready to dive back in when it’s safe.

COVID-19 Resources

Club Development
Club Operations
Club Grant Program

Given last season’s competitive calendar was cut short, we have made a number of one-time changes to the program. This year’s grant allocations are based on the following distributions, taking into consideration Club Grant eligible performances from 2018-19 and 2019-20.

  • 40% ($ 42,000) – based on 2019-20 Grant
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based on 2019-20 BC ID Teams
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based on 2020 Winter BC Provincial Championships
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based 2019-20 International Competitions (Euro 2020 Meet)
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based on 2019-20 National and Provincial Records

Total Club Grant funds for 2020-21 – $105,000

Club Grant funds are not allocated to a specific individual. They are intended to support clubs in continued development toward competitive performance outcomes. Please refer to the Swim BC Club Grant Information document for further details. The list of Club Grant recipients can be found here.

The opportunity to use eligible expenses for COVID stimulated costs (ie/ pool time and coaching salaries) as was permitted after March of last year, will be assessed regularly by Swim BC. Should the opportunity to utilize Club Grant funds for “COVID related expenses” occur, this will be communicated clearly to all programs. Please note that for now, only eligible expenses as per the Club Grant program are acceptable.



The Swim-a-Thon is an in-pool fundraiser where swimmers earn pledges to swim a set number of lengths or participate in a fun and challenging swimming event. Each club can personalize their Swim-a-Thon event to match their club and swimmer needs. All donations are collected online through a personalized website created by Raise-a-Thon, and 90% of the funds earned are distributed back to the clubs.

The 2020-2021 Swim-a-thon Registration is now open! Swim-a-thon events can be hosted anytime between now and May 31, 2021. The campaign is a great fundraising opportunity for all clubs. Included below are links to the Informational Webinar which will provide you with more information on Swim-a-thon and the link to register.

2020-2021 Swim-a-thon Webinar
2020-2021 Swim-a-thon Registration

For complete information, visit Swim-a-Thon Online. Please email Sam Thoms if you have any questions.


The Swim BC Insurance Policy runs Dec 1st to Nov 30th of each year. Our policy is held with Sport BC (SBC) Insurance. Registration with Swim BC includes this insurance coverage (among many other services).

Here is a broad overview of our insurance:

Commercial General Liability coverage

  • Who is insured: Swim B.C. and its “Members” for all “Sanctioned Activities” authorized by the Association. Members include Executives, Coaches, Directors, Officers, Officials, Employees, Participants and Volunteers while acting on behalf of the association. Sanctioned Activities mean all competitions, sport demonstrations including related practice and training, social and fundraising activities authorized by the Association and run by ‘members’.
  • This coverage will pay those sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages because of bodily injury to or damage to property of others, such as spectators, passer-by, property owners and others resulting from your operations or actions. Coverage includes your legal liability for injury to participants. The coverage provided, also includes Injury to Participants that result from our association, member clubs, or individual members’ negligence. The coverage also includes Additional Insured’s, such as Municipalities, Government Departments, Sponsors and Owners of the facilities in whose name we have agreed to provide insurance for their vicarious liability arising out of our operations.

Sport Accident Insurance

  • Responds over and above BC Medical Services Plan (BCMSP) and any extended health plan. Once the limits on both BCMSP and any extended Health plan have been exhausted, the sport accident policy kicks in.

Directors and Officers (D & O) Liability Insurance

  • Coverage for settlement and defence costs for directors and officers wrongful acts and decisions.
  • Protection extends to directors, officers, de facto director, trustee, employee, volunteer or member of the staff, faculty or any duly constituted committee or the equivalent in any jurisdiction, of the insured organization

The Swim BC insurance does not include Contagion coverage. Clubs are protected under the BC Ministerial order against liability with regards to the transmission of COVID-19. You can find the order here.

SBC Insurance provides a Master Certificate of Insurance (COI) that lists all member clubs and facility “owners”.  This certificate can be given to all the facilities that request a COI. To request a copy of the Master COI or to have another facility or municipality added to the current Master COI, please contact Jocelyn Westfall.

Swim BC is a member of Sport BC and as such we receive priority service, meaning all member inquiries are at “at the top of the list” for SBC Insurance services. We have a dedicated broker and certificate specialist assigned to us. Given SBC Insurance functions as an operating branch of a not-for-profit organization (Sport BC), brokerage fees are kept very low. SBC Insurance is able to provide a collective membership leverage that definitely plays into our favour.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact Jocelyn Westfall

Payment Options

Swim BC offers three options for payment of invoices:

  • Interac Email Money Transfer: Please send email money transfers to This email is set up for auto-deposit, and a security question shouldn’t be needed. 
  • Credit Card: Credit cards are accepted for payments of $300 or less, directly through the Swim BC office.
  • Cheque: Mailed directly to the office

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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