Did HighTech Suits Change YOUR Swimmers' technique

A second year graduate student in the Exercise and Sports Studies program at Smith College is currently working on a special study focusing on input from coaches from all levels as to whether or not they noticed any changes in the technique of their swimmers when they practiced or competed in the high-tech suits.

If so, what were the changes?

Were the changes found only the short axis strokes of breaststroke and butterfly versus changes in the long axis strokes (backstroke and freestyle)?

You are invited to participate in this study by taking a short survey.

The records of this study will be kept strictly confidential. Research records will be kept in a locked file and all electronic information will be coded and secured using a password protected file. The study will not include any information in any report that would make it possible to identify the participants. A link to the results will be published in the ASCA newsletter in late April or early May.

A link to the survey can be found here.