What You Wish You Knew When You Started Coaching

- special guest submission by Cory Beatt - SFA

While at the 2013 Richmond Rapids FastSwim Classic Swim Meet one of the swimmers asked me the following question, "As a coach, what do you now know that you wish that you knew when you started coaching? One thing.". The question was answered, then thought about that evening and the next morning. At remainder of the competition I spoke to as many coaches as I could get around to and surveyed them for their responses. In the end I spoke with approximately 30 coaches and had many meaningful conversations. Thank-you!

I have been asked to send a copy of the summary of results. Please find this document below. It has also be recommended that I share this with our larger swimming community and that the question should be posed to all coaches through the NCCP. It was also been blamed for at least one coaches sleepless night while pondering the best answer. I appreciate thoughtful responses. Enjoy! 

Best wishes for you, your families, and you teams this holiday season. Merry Christmas!