Observations from AAA Short Course

Observations from Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska and Regional Coach Mike Flegel at Short Course AAA Championships, 2013

Technical Observations


Swimming is a technical sport with an endurance component, not an endurance sport with a technical component. If you haven’t read “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle you need to in order to really understand this point or do some research on myelin. If you have the book go back and review the “Deep Practice” chapter pages 44-46.

If myelin can’t be unwrapped are we sacrificing trading short- term gain, (faster young swimmers with poor technique), for long-term pain (trying to perfect develop technical proficiency when the swimmers are older)?

Shouldn’t we be happier with being somewhat slower at 12-13 and under swimmers with improved technique than trying to spend hours undoing the mistakes and habits built up early on?

You can see increased proficiency, as the swimmers get older but how much better could it be?

The improvement of technical elements should be foremost in the early preparation stages for long course.

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AAA Observations.