Coaching Mentorship Reports

Here are the first two reports from our Coaching Mentorship program that was launched this fall. First is KISU Head Coach Tina Hoeben. Tina went to visit Michael Brooks of York YMCA, in Pennsylvania.  Michael was a speaker at the BC Coaches Conference in 2006. Michael has also written a book, Developing Swimmers – a comprehensive program for identifying, training and coaching excellence.

Michael coaches 11 – 18 year old swimmers.  He has about 100 swimmers in his club (70 in his competitive program, 30 in his recreational program). 

Click here for Tina’s report.

The second report is from Annie Wolfe, Assistant Coach with the Pacific Seawolves. Annie took a group of swimmers to visit Jozsef Nagy at the Vancouver National Swim Center to learn more about breaststroke. The swimmers did water work with Joe and then had a video analysis session. There is a lot of helpful technical information in the report.

Click here for Annie’s report.