"Science of Swimming Faster" Review

Science of Swimming Faster, a book released last year from Human Kinetics publishing, is exactly what the title describes:  If you want to figure out how to move through the water, here’s almost 600 pages of scientific research pointing to how one would go about doing so.

Starting from basic (and not so basic) fluid dynamics and how that should dictate and inform body position and stroke/turn technique, to energy systems, periodization, taper, and then on to the “support” side of performance - nutrition, sport psych, dryland, to name just a few - this book contains the full range of information gleaned from numerous empirical studies and reviews.

Also included are sections on special considerations when working with female swimmers, para-swimmers, open water, and adolescents.

Each chapter is edited by one or more authors, who appear to do quite an extensive examination of available research literature, and present it to fit the topic at hand.


To be clear, you’re probably not likely to start at page 1 and read it cover-to-cover, but as a reference source, where it’s quick and easy to find impeccably sourced and referenced information, The Science of Swimming Faster is a great resource.  

It is available for order online at Human Kinetics website, where you can also get the e-book for free (details below).

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