All the Links from CSCTA February 2018 Newsletter

REMINDER ABOUT THE CANADIAN SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS - This season, Swimming Canada has created four age qualifying standards each for male and female competitors for the 2018 Canadian Swimming Championships. The Canadian Championships is the highest level domestic meet in the 2018 March-April Peak Performance window. The 2018 standards are available at the following link -

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT TEAM SELECTION - Swimmers born in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 are eligible for selection to the 2018 Junior Pan Pacs.

Swimmers born in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 are eligible for nomination for selection to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The selection criteria for both these events is available on the Swimming Canada website at the following link: FRENCH -

All swimmers/coaches wishing to be considered for selection/nominations must declare their availability using the links provided in the criteria. The selection/nomination criteria for the following events are available on the Swimming Canada website - AND

Create a safe sport environment in three easy steps - "Safe Sport is something we do, every day on every deck. The key to prevention is to create an environment where all members know the rules, are comfortable talking about them, and are empowered to recognize and report red flag behavior, boundary violations, and misconduct." -

Research Study: Invitation to Participate - Coaches are invited to participate in a Mount Royal University research study:  Studying the Effects of the LTAD Model and Comparing it to Male, Female, and Age Group Training Volumes in Canadian Competitive Swimming. 

The study will be researched and written by CSCTA Member Caitlin Kruger. An interview will be conducted (preferably over the phone, but email is an option). The interview wil l follow a structured questionnaire that contains open-ended questions. Please review the study detail document below and contact Caitlin directly if you have any questions about the study and/or would like to participate.  The study will be conducted in English only.  Research Study Invitation to Participate


  • Coaching Athletes with a Disability Module - This e-module (5 PD points) offered through the Locker is still free until March 31, 2018 if you use the promo code offered through CAO.  More information -




  • What is the impact of passion?  How can you understand it, manage it, male or female, and effectively use it in your coaching?  Understanding Coach Performance: Impact of Passion -
  • Why do some athletes on your team feel like outliers while others blend in really well? The Power of Self Awareness -
  • Confidence comes when kids realize that they have learned, practiced, and improved a skill!  The "confidence formula" is an approach to develop confidence in kids and athletes.  The Confidence Formula -
  • Leadership lessons from Venus Williams -
  • Take Control Of Your Leadership Development With Five Simple Steps -
  • Can you build muscle mass through swimming -
  • Popovich finds proper balance - "I was definitely a bozo in the beginning," Popovich said. "You're full of yourself and your ego, and you want to strive. You think it's about you. Then you finally figure it out. No, no, no. You're supposed to be a teacher. You're supposed to be somebody who helps people grow, not just teach them about how to front the post." -
  • Why the empathetic leader is the best leader -
  • Interested in sleep resources for sport -


  • Be who you are and coach within that framework with Byron MacDonald (Ritter Sport Performance) -


  • The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) Is Collaborating To Implement A Range Of Anti-Doping Activities During The Games:
  • International Testing Agency Moves Closer to Being Operational:
  • WADA Launch Investigation Over Fears Sample Bottles Can Be Opened:
  • IOC Member Calls For Governing Bodies To Sanction Nations Who Exceed Set Number Of Doping Failures:

The World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) publicly called for swimming's governing body to reject the proposed 'Independent Testing Authority,' instead calling for a swimming-specific ethics oversight organization.

The announcement comes in response to the International Olympic Committee's creation of the Independent Testing Authority (ITA). The ITA is intended to be an organization in charge of anti-doping testing while wholly separate and independent of national or international sporting federations. The WSCA, however, argues that the ITA model is flawed because it will be made up of government representatives and IOC board members.



  • CSCTA AGM will take place Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • Swimming Canada Carded Coaches Meetings will take place September 19-20, 2018 in Whistler, BC.
  • The BCSCA Conference will take place September 20-23, 2018 in Whistler, BC.
  • Swim Ontario Conference tentatively set for September 21-23, 2018.
  • Federation Natation de Quebec Conference tentatively set for September 21-23, 2018.