Sanctioning a Competition

Competitive swimming events are a great way to challenge the swimmers in your club to reach for their best. Events are hosted by clubs and organized by each club’s designated Meet Manager. Events must be sanctioned by Swim BC, who provide the means to apply for sanctioning via the Registration, Tracking and Results System (RTR), which is the first step in hosting your own event.

Meet Manager Sanctioning Information

There is a user guide for both Meet Managers that outline the steps needed to sanction, list, host, and upload event results.

Meet Managers will need to contact their Club registrar, at the start of each season, to request the login and password for their team to gain access to list meets and apply for meet sanctions.

Meet Managers should also be aware of the following information that may be necessary for hosting competitions within BC:

Regional/Invitational Meet Sanctioning
Meet Package Requirements All information required for a Regional/Invitational Meet.
Meet Information Template Contains all of the fields necessary; requires customization for each specific meet. If you choose to produce your own meet information package, please follow the guidelines above.
Warm-Up Safety Procedures These MUST be followed at all Swim BC sanctioned events.
Pool Depth Wording for Meet Package All Meet Packages MUST include a statement regarding the pool depth and starting type for each of the pools being used.
Sanction Fees Sanction Fee: $50.00
Competition Surcharge: $4.00/swimmer


Time Trial Sanctioning
Class I Time Trials Meet Info Requirements A Class I Time Trial is reserved for sanctioned Provincial and National record attempts.
Class II Time Trials Meet Info Requirements A Class II Time Trial is for swimmers attempting to achieve a time that may qualify them for entry into future meets. Class II Time Trials may be conducted on a less stringent basis than sanctioned meets. For example, several swimmers may swim at the same time, they need not be doing the same event or swimming the same stroke; they need not be the same sex, and two timekeepers per lane are sufficient. No Provincial or National records will be recognized from a Class II Time Trial.
Swim BC Competition Safety Warm-Up Procedures These MUST be followed at all Swim BC sanctioned events.
Sanction Fees Class I Time Trial –  $40.00
Class II Time Trial – $40.00


Open Water Sanctioning

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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