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May 5, 2021

“Grow our sport” and “build our capacity” are two integral goals of Swim BC’s Strategic Blueprint.  To achieve these goals, we’ve been working to envision opportunities for clubs that may help to expand their programming.  While not yet fully developed and delayed by COVID, Swim BC is looking to establish summer programming, ideally aimed at new participants who may want a shorter introductory opportunity to your club and our sport.  We also envision summer programming may grow into an opportunity for swimmer retention, where a less intense sprint-oriented program may bridge a swimmer’s experience in the sport.

As a first step in trying to navigate our encumbered COVID world, we are going to open up a “Summer Swimmer” registration category in the Registration system.  The category will be open for new registrants, May 1 – Aug 31 each year – the fee this year is $20.00 per participant, regardless of age.  Clubs are encouraged to envision an entry level swim camp or swim league type programming for this inaugural year (where COVID restrictions may permit).

In the future, as restrictions ease and we trend back to normal, we will work on developing “Summer League” programming with mini-meet formats, officiating strategies, and other supporting mechanisms to encourage a new opportunity for clubs to grow and expand their programming.  A few elements we’re looking at to shape the program into the future are:

  • Age groups 6 & U; 7-8; 9-10; 11-12; 13-14; 15 & O
  • Competition categories: “S” – summer only / “Y” – year-round registered swimmers
  • Sanctioned meets: times eligible for summer category only
  • Competition: short weeknight dual meets, one day meets for regions where travel is an issue

All this is dependent on getting enough clubs to move the program forward, for now, we’ll simply open the Summer category to all clubs for new participants and encourage you to envision new programming opportunities.  If you have any concept questions, please contact Ken Radford.  For registration questions please contact Sam Thoms.

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