FINA’s inclusion of the amended seeding for distance events (Rule SW has caused some confusion as to where this rule is enforced domestically and where it is not.  In Rule SW 3 (preamble to SW it is clearly stated that the rule applies to “Olympic Games, World Championships, Regional Games and other FINA competitions.”  The only meet this would pertain to in Canada is a meet Swimming Canada has registered with FINA as either a World Championship or Olympic Games qualifier.  Even then, Swimming Canada has and will seek dispensation from this rule to allow us to continue to run 3 circle-seeded heats where Prelims are swum (as opposed to Time Finals).  The reasoning behind this is:

·         The FINA rule was determined based on the condition that the events in question do not go to either a semi-final or include a “B Final”.  Therefore, the prelims circle seed only the final two heats to replicate a semi-final condition – ie/ top 16 are placed favourably to compete for 8 positions in the final.

·         Swimming Canada meets include an “A” and “B” final format – therefore we wish to create a prelim condition where 24 swimmers are put in favourable position to compete for 16 final positions (or 30 to 20 where 10 lanes are used).

Rule SW should NOT be considered for meets in Canada.