Notes on Official Splits

Official Splits:  
Meet Management will try to accomodate official splits that are requested by teams, however, in some instances - due to the type of automated timing equipment used (e.g. pads available on turn ends, Colorado timing equipment), or the ability to fill the required amount of timekeepers (Relay splits), as per CSW 13.3 et al.., official splits may not be available to swimmers and coaches.  Meet Management reserves the right to decline requests for Official Splits.

Relay Splits
Meet Management shall take an official split for the first leg of a relay (No request is required except for reasons above). Relay splits of the first swimmer shall be treated as an Official Split and does not require a request.

For Manual Timing this should be done using split’s from two watches.

For Electronic Timing,  this is done using 2 plungers or 1 watch and 1 plunger or 2 watches as determined by the pool setup. For 50 meter pools, plungers and/or watches may not be available at the 50 meter end.  Pad times are valid unless sufficient indication otherwise. (Turn official observation or obvious invalid times).

For Omega Timing, the Chief timekeeper should try to verify pad touches using the display and/or records of the plungers in the Omega database.

For Colorado Timing, this is as for the Omega/Aries timing but for use of plungers requires the recording of the plungers on paper by the Colorado system.

Referee’s responsibilities:
As relay splits are Official Splits the referee should try to determine if they are valid in the same way as event results. If the relay splits are not valid the Referee and the Chief Timekeeper/Meet recorder should ensure the relay splits are not published (similarly to Splits on Relay DQ’s). Pad times should be considered valid unless there is sufficient indication otherwise.