Memo from OAC Chair Re: Westerns Swimming Championships

Officials - below is the memo from OAC Chair Sheila Nelson regarding Westerns Championships:

To any and all of you that are considering going to Westerns:  Please pass this email along to other interested Level IVs (potential IVs as well) and Vs in your club or region

You will all be aware by now that Westerns are happening in Victoria this year: April 12-15, 2018.  This is a phenomenal opportunity to get some National experience plus we would like to have a great number of officials from BC to support this meet.  An added bonus is that there is some money set aside to help defray travel costs.  The steps you need to take are as follows

1. Let me know by January 17, 2017 if you are planning on attending and the days you will be there.  Give me an estimate of your costs...don't worry if they are not quite correct

2. Go to Swimming Canada website, select Events and Results, select National/International meets, scroll down to  2018 Speedo Western Championships and click on it, scroll down to the Officials Form, complete it and email it to Jim Fleury (emaill address provided on form).

3. Consult this website for hotels in the Victoria area.  Please note that some of the booking blocks expire soon.

4. Tell other officials about this amazing opportunity!

I would love to see you all there.  Remember to reply to me by January 17th, 2018.

Please email if you are planning on attending.