Swim Canada - Officials Bulletin October 2019


Welcome to the start of the 2019/20 season and the road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics! It will be a very exciting season!

As we begin the season and the first competitions of the year begin, it is a good time to reflect on why we, as officials, are at the meet. We are given the privilege and opportunity to create an environment for our swimmers to reach their goals. We are there to work as a team. We are there to judge the rules, but to give the benefit of the doubt to the swimmer. Competition Coordinators/Meet Referees can set the tone of the meet with their officials' team from the very first briefing, perhaps it is the first meet of the season and there will be swimmers who have never competed in a meet before, maybe there is a swimmer for who this will be their last swim meet. As officials we can help make that experience a positive and special one, if we remember why we are there and work together to create an environment that will contribute to their success.

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