Fall Youth-Junior Training Camp

The Fall Youth-Junior Camp was held in Victoria, October 16 and 17 at Saanich Commonwealth Place. Thirty-one swimmers representing 15 clubs attended the camp. Turns and Underwater Kicking were the themes of the camp.

 Dr. Allan Wrigley from Canadian Sport Pacific started the camp with a presentation on turns and “fish” kick; fish kick being dolphin kick on your side. He explained the science behind why fish kick should be faster than dolphin kick. We then incorporated fish kicking into our workouts for the swimmers to experiment. The biggest change that was observed right away was extra distance underwater. It will not be faster for all but it was worth trying in our camp. Swimmers were instructed to return to practice and discuss it with their coach. Allan stayed for the duration of the camp and did turn analysis. He also did a session on starts on Sunday morning. His tips are found with the attached workouts.

Race-Tech filmed all of the swimmers head-on, over and underwater. We managed to get through everyone and even had a second round of analysis in stroke groups. We did not have a speaker on Saturday night but Graham and Ken Olson shared footage from our medal winning performances in Delhi at the Commonwealth games.

We also had a presentation from Christie Gialloreto, MSc, C.C.C. a Mental Training Consultant who works out of Victoria. Christie started with some basic breathing exercises and then she did some progressive relaxation with the swimmers. Once they were relaxed, (and some of them sleeping!) the session moved on to visualization. The swimmers were encouraged to practice skills as well as mentally rehearsing their race plans by visualizing.

Click here for camp workouts

Click here for timed kick results

Attending Swimmers:


Stefanie Schmidt, UVIC-PCS

Charlotte Philpotts, WVOSC

Mckenzie Summers, UBCD

Meghan Kwiatkowski, WDSC

Kierra Smith, LLSC

Morgan Mark, UBCD

Abigail Sayer, HYACK

Caitlin Quon, VPSC

Melissa Jung, CHENA

Rachel Newman, UVIC-PCS

Alyssa von Ende, UBCD

Katie Mann, PGB

Laura Sze, UBCD

Emily Gerson, HYACK

Alexandra Schofield, SFA



Sterling King, PGB

Luke Reilly, UBCD

Aiden Kim, GATOR

Justin Chan, UBCD

Stefan Milosevic, HYACK

Michael Macdonald, LOSC

Joe Byram, VKSC

Ryan Anderson, UBCD

Edward Zhao, UBCD

Brian Lo, VPSC

Travis Kam, CDSC

Dimitar Ivanov, SFA

Evan Broderick, UBCD

Marcus Chu, UBCD

Taylor Dalke, KCS


Rod Barratt, UVIC-PCS

Tom Rushton UBCD

Mark Tremblay, VKSC

Emile Dimitrov, LLSC

Vince Mikuska, Swim B.C.



Marilyn King, PGB