Pacific Coast All-Star Meet - Gresham, OR

The Pacific Coast All-Star meet runs January 8-9, 2011, in Gresham, OR.  Team BC's Age Group (11&12) and Prospects (13&14) squads are going up against all-star teams from Pacific Northwest Swimming (Washington), Oregon Swimming, Pacific Swimming (San Francisco Bay Area), and SoCal Swimming (Los Angeles area).

While Pacific Swimming and SoCal Swimming are historically the front-runners at this annual event, TeamBC is looking to finish ahead of Pacific Northwest Swimming for the first time ever, having come within 93 points of a third-place finish last year.

After Day 1, TeamBC was half-way to their goal, having a 10.5-point lead over PNS. 

On Day 2, though, Pacific Northwest Swimming slowly started chipping away at that lead.  After TeamBC's lead grew to 17 points after the first set of relays, the lead started to whither away, with PNS taking a one-point lead going into the final individual event - 50 freestyle.  With the sprint strength from the Americans, that lead grew in the 50 free to 10 points going into the final relays.  Despite some great performances in the relays, TeamBC was not able to close the gap, with PNS extending the lead to 15.5 points at the end of the meet.

Final team scores were as follows:

  • SoCal Swimming:  998
  • Pacific Swimming:  935
  • Pacific Northwest Swimming:  386.5
  • Team BC:  371 
  • Oregon Swimming:  269.5

Two years ago, PNS was 200 points ahead of TeamBC; last year it was just under 100, and this year, we came within fewer than 20 points - agonizingly close, especially after having the lead for at least half of the meet.

But the team performance is definitely moving in the right direction, and we look forward to finally stepping into the top 3 next year when the meet is held on our home turf in BC.

The team line-up is here.

Online results are available here.