Pacific Coast All-Stars Team 2012

Swim BC in co-operation with the Langley Olympians, will host the 2012 Pacific Coast All-Star Meet, Janaury 07-08 at the Walnut Grove Community Center in Langley. Our team will feature 8 girls and 8 boys in the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups. The team is comprised of swimmers from fifteen different clubs from the Okanagan, Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Congratulations to all swimmers and coaches on your selection!

11-12 Girls Swimmer Clubs Time FINA pts Coach
50-100 Free Obedkoff, Clarisse KAJ 01:03.45s 520 Peter Wilkins
200-400 Free Lawrance, Erin TYEE 04:47.50s 546 Steven Vandermeulen
100 Back Crisp, Lauren PCS 01:11.15s 468 Rod Barratt
100 Breast De Leeuw, Maria NRST 01:20.10s 480 Darcy Irwin
100 Fly Nakano, Robyn LOSC 01:10.29s 480 Brian Metcalfe
200 IM Borrowdale, Chelsea LOSC 02:32.69s 543 Brian Metcalfe
Wild card #1 Levorson, Meredith VKSC 00:29.08s 511 Renate Terpstra
Wildcard #2 Theodore, Imani CDSC 04:49.21s 536 Kelly Taitinger
11-12 Boys          
50-100 Free Ye, Kevin RAPID 01:01.01s 400 Alex Petiffer
200-400 Free Zou, Paul WDSC 04:43.83s 421 Amy Canuel
100 Back Neufeld, Ben COMOX 01:07.66s 378 Albert Bergund
100 Breast Lotzkar, Joel CDSC 01:22.00s 312 Dario Isac
100 Fly Tyler, Lucas LLSC 01:07.51s 370 Emil Dimitrov
200 IM Lasinski, Samuel KISU 02:28.28s 426 Tina Hoeben
Wild card #1 Blaskovich, Alexander PSW 04:44.71s 417 Annie Wolfe
Wildcard #2 Singh, Tai Long WDSC 04:46.83s 408 Amy Canuel
13-14 Girls          
50-100 Free Lam, Heather VPSC 00:59.98s 615 Tyler Lewell
200-400 Free Mabee-Hall, Sarah VASC 02:05.24s 699 Cindy Mabee
100-200 Back Singh, Cai Hong WDSC 01:04.53s 627 Ben Keast
100-200 Breast Metcalfe, Hillary LOSC 01:13.05s 632 Brian Metcalfe
100-200 Fly Overholt, Emily WVOSC 02:18.26s 667 Janusz Kaczmerek
200-400 IM Powell, Madison VASC 02:26.19s 619 Cindy Mabee
Wild card #1 Momen, Ariana CHENA 01:00.17s 609 Darryl Rudolf
Wildcard #2 Smit-anseeuw, Esmee PSW 02:24.46s 642 Annie Wolfe
13-14 Boys          
50-100 Free Yuan, Darren PSW 00:54.44s 563 Annie Wolfe
200-400 Free Zhao, Edwin PSW 04:02.56s 675 Brad Dingey
100-200 Back Thormeyer, Markus WDSC 02:10.16s 542 Ben Keast
100-200 Breast Branham, Mackenzie VPSC 01:08.69s 531 Tyler Lewell
100-200 Fly Fry, Darian PSW 02:15.14s 526 Annie Wolfe
200-400 IM Fan, Hau-Li RAPID 04:43.80s 584 Rob Petiffer
Wild card #1 Jakac-Sinclair, Michael RAPID 00:55.12s 542 Rob Petiffer
Wildcard #2 Lin, Mason Yu Hung PSW 04:46.31s 569 Annie Wolfe