Paul Bergen Jr. International 2011 Selection

The Provincial team initiative for the 2011 Paul Bergen International meet will be different this year. The meet will be used to try and provide an opportunity for swimmers to qualify for the National Development Youth Team travelling to the US Grand Prix in Austin Texas in January.

This is the link to that team information: 

Therefore, we will take up to a maximum of 8 swimmers. Four males, 16&U, four females 15&U, age as of December 15. Times from March 30 - August 31, 2011 will be used. Swimmers must rank in the top 8 in Canada in their selection event. I have attached long course rankings as of today to give swimmers an idea who they need to race in the upcoming meets.

Selection Criteria (corrected - July 27)

Current Rankings

UPDATE - JULY 27, 2011
Please note that any swimmers who are chosen for the Youth Junior Olympic Trials initiative will be ineligible for selection to the Bergen team.