Prospects West 2012 Team

Thirty-two swimmers and five coaches will travel to Montreal March 26 to participate in the annual Prospects West camp. The camp will take place during the first four days of Olympic Trials. Team BC will be joined by 32 swimmers from Alberta and 32 from Manitoba/Saskatchewan.

The team will have pool workouts before warm-ups in the morning and afternoon, educational sessions in the morning, plus swimmers get to cheer for their favourites while watching finals.

Here is the team:

13 year old Girls Swimmer Club Coach of Record
Sprint Free Lamoureux, Brooke COMOX Albert Burgund
Distance Free Dalke, Megan KCS Brad Dalke
Backstroke Dunlop, Katherine KAJ Peter Wilkins
Breaststroke Bleackley, Samantha PGB Jerzy Partyka
Butterfly Yang, Wendy HYACK Andrew Lennstrom
IM Mothe, Bailey PSW Annie Wolfe
Wildcard #1 Gilberg, Kiersten WDSC Ben Keast
Wildcard #2 Tetreault, Trista PSW Annie Wolfe
14 year old Girls      
Sprint Free Whelan, Sara HYACK Mark Bottrill
Distance Free Mock, Victoria PCS Rod Barratt
Backstroke Fortier, Patricia PGB Jerzy Partyka
Breaststroke Purdon, Cassandra VASC Cindy Mabee
Butterfly Goodwin, Emily CHENA Darryl Rudolf
IM Gibson, Jessie SPART Justin Daly
Wildcard #1 Singh, Cai Hong WDSC Ben Keast
Wildcard #2 Crane, Mackenzie NRST Scott Flood
13 year old Boys      
Sprint Free Duke, Nicolas CHENA Darryl Rudolf
Distance Free Gilbert, Colin KCS Brad Dalke
Backstroke Mathieson, Craig LLSC Emil Dimitrov
Breaststroke Duan, Harry  WSC Ann Wang
Butterfly Baker, Chris HYACK Andrew Lennstrom
IM Hill, Bryan CHENA Darryl Rudolph
Wildcard #1 Zakala, Josh KAJ Peter Wilkins
Wildcard #2 Kerr, Skyeler CONNU Steve Sadownik
14 year old Boys      
Sprint Free Mitchell, Colin VPSC Tyler Lewell
Distance Free Fan, Hau-Li RAPID Robert Pettifer
Backstroke Thormeyer, Markus WDSC Ben Keast
Breaststroke Fung, Brian SFA Cory Beatt
Butterfly Olafson, Carson SPART Justin Daly
IM Lin, Mason Yu Hung PSW Annie Wolfe
Wildcard #1 Fry, Darian PSW Annie Wolfe
Wildcard #2 Binnema, Josiah PGB Jerzy Partyka
Coaches Vince Mikuska Swim BC  
  Brad Dalke KCS  
  Peter Wilkins KAJ  
  Justin Daly SPART  
  Albert Burgund COMOX  
  Leanne Wilkinson RAYS  
Manager Alex Pettifer RAPIDS