Provincial Coach Report - Tucson Ford Dealers Invitational

Provincial Coach Report

Tucson Ford Dealers Invitational, June 06-11, 2012. University of Arizona, Hillenbrand Aquatic Center

The purpose of this initiative was to provide an additional long course racing opportunity for Canada Games age swimmers. (Born in 1994 and younger) This meet was chosen, as historically it seemed to offer some quality competition as well as lots of opportunity for second swims. Swimmers had 11-20 races over the course of the meet, including relays.

Our primary focus was on the process of preparation. Trying to convince swimmers to create a routine, which they will follow for all swims during a meet. Repeating the habit of preparation will improve the over-all quality of performance. The routine will tell the mind and body to begin to narrow focus and start arousal physically and mentally. The repeated routine as it becomes habit will allow the swimmers to use it as a tool to control stress at more important meets. The large number of racing opportunities allowed swimmers to practice the preparation and see results over the four days of the meet. The coaches also were consistent at insisting on specific race plans to focus on the process of putting a race together. We tried to shift the swimmers away from results oriented, best time evaluation to greater emphasis on the things they needed to execute. As many swimmers were in training this allowed them to gain something valuable as opposed to just looking at their percentage of best times.

Our other focus was to try and improve the quality of heat swimming. The move from age group to senior swimming requires that swimmers learn to create optimal performances in the morning instead of swimming through heats to swim fast during finals. The swimmers also had to learn to come up with consistent efforts and not swim through secondary events to protect their best events.

Swimmers who experienced the best results were those who had the most consistent preparation.

We had a coach at the warm-down pool throughout the meet to monitor that aspect of recovery. Scripted warm-downs were prepared to assist with the lactate flush and included swimming a prescribed speed as well as a kick component. This was a key element with the number of races during a session. Sessions were very short so the athletes had to be diligent in warming down.

The heat factor, with daytime temperatures in the 40+ degree Celsius range, caused swimmers to pay greater attention to hydration. The extreme heat made some of them realize the folly of failing to hydrate very quickly. Hopefully this will carry-over to the summer meets.

Team BC won the team title with 1,542 points, topping the host club with 682. Most of Ford Aquatics best swimmers were attending the US Olympic Trials test event over the weekend. Team BC had 4 individual gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals. We had six gold and six silver in the relay events.

Stefan Milosevic (Hyack) won the Men’s high point aggregate. Sterling King (PGB), Luke Reilly (VAND), Peter Brothers (VASC) and Sergey Holson (VAND) were 6th through 8th. On the women’s side Haley Black (PGB) was fourth, Emily Overholt (WVOSC) 5th and Taylor Padington 6th.

Team members:

Mariya Chekanovych (SFA), Stefanie Schmidt (VASC), Danica Ludlow (PGB), Haley Black (PGB), Taylor Padington (VASC), Charlotte Philpotts (Chena), Emily Overholt (WVOSC), Amy Sun (WVOSC), Maran Kokoszka (RAC), Rachael Newman (PCS).

Luke Reilly (VAND), Peter Brothers (VASC), Sterling King (PGB), James Dergousoff (Chena), Adam Holme (Chena), Stefan Milosevic (Hyack), Justin Chan (VAND), Sergey Holson (VAND), Edward Zhao (VAND), Jonathan Kraft (VAND).


Women’s Dmitriy Kononenko (SFA)

Men’s Tom Rushton (VAND)

Team Workouts here.