2014-2015 Prospects Program

As mentioned in our Provincial Team synopsis earlier this month,the Prospects-aged athletes identified this year will have a first "camp" activity within their region, and then Prospects West in Lethbridge this summer.  The criteria used to select the swimmers for the Prospects camp in the regions is similar to that which was used in the past, with the highest combined FINA points in the six stroke categories, plus two wildcards in each age, being selected.

For these Prospects Regional Camps, however, we are "stretching" the catchment to include slightly older swimmers (13-14-15yr. girls and 14-15-16yr. boys) so as to allow us to work with a few more swimmers within each region.
(Prospects West will still be limited to just 24 swimmers, from 13-14yr. girls and 14-15yr. boys.) 

While Prospects Regional Camps will happen in most cases on the same weekend (typically the Monday) that we are doing the Age Group (12/13&U) Regional Camps, they will be totally separate and distinct in content and approach.  We plan to have an individual video review session, individualized work on mental performance, as well as more of an emphasis on "Training to Train" and "Training to Compete", as opposed to the "Learning to Train" stroke progression model that we use at the traditional Regional Camps.

The selection criteria and selected swimmers are below.

Please note that the "On-Track" identified swimmers (all of whom were intially targeted for the Youth/Junior Provincial Program) are not included on these lists, but will be invited if that is the outcome decided between the Provincial Coach and each swimmer's coach.