2014-2015 SwimBC Provincial Team Program

The aim of the SwimBC’s Provincial Team Program has always been, and will continue to be, looking to support and nurture swimmers and coaches to sustain continued improvement and ultimately, to represent BC on Swimming Canada’s National teams.  

Starting in the 2014-2015 season, SwimBC will be shifting the focus of the Provincial Team Program from one of being focused on a Provincial Coach overseeing camps and competitions to one where swimmers and coaches can be more directly and sustainably assisted in moving along the performance pathway.

There will be three broad areas of implementation to the 2014-2015 Provincial Team Program: 

  1. Regional Camps (10-12yr. girls / 11-13yr. boys)
  2. Prospects (13-14yr. girls / 14-15yr. boys*)
  3. Youth / Junior (14-18yr. girls / 15-18yr. boys*)

*As made evident with the overlap of some age groups, there is some malleability to the age ranges, and some younger, earlier-developing swimmers may be incorporated into "older" programs, with the provision in most cases, that they have participated in at least one of the programs offered in the preceding stage.

1.  Regional Camps (10-12yr. girls / 11-13yr. boys)

  • Technique-focused camp
  • Reviewing all four strokes: progressions, turns, starts
  • Introduction to mental training skills, nutrition, activation protocol
  • Meet a swimming hero
  • See themselves swim
  • Presentation for parents on supporting swimmer development 

2.  Prospects (13-14yr. girls / 14-15yr. boys)

  • Education & Training focus
  • Parent presentation on how to support youth athlete
  • More focused video review of seeing themselves swim
  • Technique
  • Stroke reliability
  • Racing skills
  • Test set execution
  • Activation protocol - more focused
  • Mental skills - practice techniques
  • Nutrition strategies / drug (supplement) education
  • Prospects Regional Camps - 13-15yr. girls / 14-16yr. boys as of 01-Sep-14
    • One-day camp run the day after a given region's Regional Age Group (13&U) camp
    • Selection based on 2013-2014 LCM performances similar to how Prospects have been selected in the past: 
      • Top combined FINA points in each of six different stroke categories (Sprint Free, Distance Free, Fly, Back, Breast, IM), plus two wildcards, across the three individual-year ages
    • Selected swimmers, by region

3.  Youth / Junior (14-18yr. girls / 15-18yr. boys) 

  • Specific testing camps, gap analyses
  • Camps will also incorporate a training component
  • Stroke reliability
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Access to Mental Performance consultant
  • Creation of nucleus of ongoing science support (CSI / PacSport) to optimize swimmer/parent/coach triangle
  • Race analysis provided at designated competitions
  • Provide long-term performance pathway guidance
  • Multi-sport Games every second year (CSG / WCSG)
    • 15&U Girls / 16&U Boys (as of Dec. 31 previous year) starting with 2017