2016 Southwest Classic Team

SwimBC is pleased to announce the team listed below as the squad selected to represent SwimBC at the 2016 Southwest Classic in Tucson, AZ, May 19-22, on the campus of the University of Arizona.

The meet, hosted by Ford Dealers Aquatics in Tucson, is a fantastic event, typically featuring world-class swimmers who train with the professional post-grad Ford Aquatics team. Last year, this included Olympic gold-medalists and record-holders Nick Thoman and Matt Grevers, while past iterations of the meet have included Amanda Beard.

Congratulations to the swimmers who have been selected and will be attending.


  • Hillary Metcalfe (LOSC)
  • Sarah Darcel (ISC)
  • Megan Dalke (KCS)
  • Mackenzie Padington (ISC)
  • Renae Ledoux (LOSC)
  • Avery Movold (PGB)
  • Hannah Esopenko (PGB)
  • Esmee Smit-Anseeuw (PSW)
  • Jessie Gibson (SPART)
  • Molly Gowans (ISC)
  • Lauren Crisp (UVPCS)
  • Brooke Lamoureux (COMOX)


  • Alex Blaskovich (PSW)
  • Harry Duan (CDSC)
  • Colin Gilbert (KCS)
  • Rhys Marlatat (CTSC)
  • Ethan Jensen (KCS)
  • Jaren Lefranc (KISU)
  • Josh Zakala (ISC)
  • Justin Schramm (LOSC)
  • Paul Zou (WDSC)


  • Rod Barratt (UVPCS)
  • Brian Metcalfe (LOSC)

SwimBC Staff

  • Mike Flegel (Team Leader)
  • Carrie Matheson (Team Coordinator)