2017 Prospects West / Canada Games Prep Camp

SwimBC's 2017 Canada Games team came together ahead of the Mel Zajac, Jr. International meet at UBC in late May for four days of training and team orientation in preparation for the Canada Games this summer in Winnipeg.

Given that Canada Games ages now align with our pre-defined Prospects-aged initiatives, this event also comprised Prospects West for 2017.  Combining these two initiatives enabled us to utilize our Canada Games coaches (Tina Hoeben - boys coach; Rod Barratt - girls coach; Jennika Efford - Women in Coaching apprentice coach) in an effort to get to know the swimmers, as well as for the swimmers to become familiar with their assigned coaches.

Each swimmer came to the camp with a logbook that included all some information from their home coach on training and areas of focus for the swimmers this year.  Throughout the camp, the swimmers kept a log of the workouts they did and their reactions to them, their takeaways from the presentations, as well as their thoughts about the camp in general, and feedback from their group coach.

In addition to the regular pool workouts during the camp, the swimmers did a race simulation with RaceTek video and data analysis, which was then analyzed with their group coach. This was then followed up with that same race getting the RaceTek analysis again at the Zajac meet.

Overall, both the coaching staff and the swimmers found great value in this structure for the camp. We look forward to bringing this group together in early August, along with our para-swimmers, for our final staging before heading to Winnipeg for the Games competition on August 11-16, 2017. 

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