Okanagan Regional Camp Report

Okanagan Regional Camp October 02-03, 2010

Regional Technical Coach Mike Flegel and Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska spent the weekend in Kelowna at the H20 pool with the cream of the 12&U crop of Okanagan swimmers. All clubs in the region were represented at the camp. Coach Flegel’s 12&U Regional camps have traditionally been one day affairs but this year they have been expanded to two days. The camp featured four pool sessions, as well as nutrition and sports psych presentations.

Sunday had a special guest in the person of Joanne Malar. Malar is a three time Olympian and multiple Canadian record holder who now resides in Summerland. Joanne talked to the swimmers about dreaming big and then working hard to achieve your dream. She had additional information for the swimmers on pre-race routines and the importance of learning new things as you become more accomplished.

The Okanagan swimmers were an enthusiastic bunch who responded very well to what they were asked to do. The focus was on technical development, with particular emphasis on posture (relating to body position), “anchoring” (in the catch position of all strokes) and acceleration (through the pushing phase).

 The Swim B.C. staff were well supported by the Okanagan coaches, with over a dozen in attendance representing all of the clubs in the region.

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