Lower Mainland Regional Training Camp - April 09-10, 2011

The Watermania pool in Richmond hosted 32 Lower Mainland 12&U swimmers this past weekend at a Regional Camp. Regional Coach Mike Flegel led the camp which featured special guests Scott Dickens, a member of Canada's 2011 World Championships team and 3 time Olympian Joanne Malar. Coach Mike started the camp by emphasizing the importance of underwater kicking with video of Michael Phelps. He presented video and comments during the other dryland sessions.

Scott discussed his recent training and the World Championship Trials with the group, then led aScott Dickens and Joanne Malar share tips with swimmers pool session on Breaststroke. Joanne talked to the swimmers about nutrition. She emphasized eating whole foods from the range of food groups. Joanne also warned of the dangers of trans-fats and hydrogenized foods. The group of swimmers were very attentive and keen to learn from all of the information presented. They asked lots of very insightful questions.

Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska led the pool sessions. Once again our four BIG IDEAS were the camp focus. Posture, Recovery, Anchor and Fish Kick were put into context for each of the strokes. Starts and turns were also covered during the last session.

Click here for the work-outs and stroke points.