Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenay 12/13&U Camp

The first Regional Training Camp of the 2012-2013 season was held this past weekend in Kamloops. Thirty-eight swimmers from the Thompson-Okanagan region, as well as a couple swimmers from the Kootenays, participated in the camp led by Regional Coach, Mike Flegel and Provincial Coach, Vince Mikuska, who were assisted by 2008 Olympian Tanya Hunks and other presenters.

The camp featured four water sessions, a nutrition session, mental skills and new this year a running clinic.  The running clinic was added to give the swimmers an introduction to proper running technique to assist them in any being more comfortable with cross-training activities that they may undertake in the future.

Tanya Hunks, formerly of the National Swim Center Vancouver, was the featured Olympic athlete. Tanya shared her stories and experiences, ranging from her introduction to swimming as a screaming five-year-old, to making the Olympic Team on her fourth attempt in 2008 leading into Beijing, and the trials and tribulations along the way.  

Patrick Waters from the host Kamloops Classics gave the nutrition lecture. Coach Mike talked about G-I-F-T-S in mental preparation. Local track coach Wayne Richardson led the running session, which again, focused on good running form and proper technique.

Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska led the water sessions, which were all technical in nature. Emphasis as always, was placed on speed off the wall and fast underwater kicking. The group was particularly good in adopting changes to their butterfly, in order to flatten the stroke out and keep the momentum moving forward instead of up and down.

Click here for the camp workouts.

At the conclusion of the camp, Coach Mike challenged the swimmers to figure out how to do the "advanced" skill demonstrated in the video below, and explain to him how it's done.