VIR Regional Camp Report

Twenty-eight swimmers from Vancouver Island participated this weekend at our fifth Regional Training Camp of the season, this one at Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria. Joining Regional Coach, Mike Flegel and Provincial Coach, Vince Mikuska, was 2012 Olympic team member Tommy Gossland, originally from Nanaimo.  Tommy shared his stories, expertise, and experiences with the swimmers, as well as providing great feedback to the swimmers in the pool.

In a talk to the swimmers, he described his own pursuit of better technique as his career has progressed and how vital that is in becoming a world-class swimmer. He also went through his steps in creating his own routine for calming pre-race nerves and how his warm-up routine was part of managing stress.

As with all our camps this season, we had the swimmers do a timed 25m underwater dolphin kick from a dive.  As SwimBC Provincial Team coach, Vince Mikuska points out in this article, there are many skills that go into a fast 25 underwater, including size and speed of the kick, body position, streamline, etc.  After we spent some time working on those skills with the swimmers, we had them each do a timed 25m underwater from a dive. 

Sunday was an especially busy day at the camp, with three different presentations being delivered to the swimmers in between the two pool sessions.  Christie Gialloreto returned once again to give the swimmers some pointers with mental skills. One of the activities she did was having the swimmers break into groups to come up with their own experiences to guide them through the various topics.

Carol Tickner came in to deliver a talk on nutrition, which included some great information on nutritional requirements for training, racing, and recovery.  She also provided the swimmers with hands-on demonstrations of quick and nutritious snack options including some delicious smoothies and whole-grain-based snacks.

With the weather cooperating, we were able to do a running technique session with Canadian Sports Centre Triathlon Coach, Carolyn Murray.  The small technical tips she gave the swimmers in the little field behind SCP had a great payoff, as many of the swimmers displayed much better running form almost immediately.

The workouts, BIG IDEAS, and key technique points on each of the strokes are available here.

And once again, we're challenging the swimmers to figure out how to do this "advanced skill" demonstrated by none other than Michael Phelps.  If you can learn how to do this, send me an email with a video and explain how it's done.  I need to know.