Thompson-Okanagan and Kootenay Regional 12&U Camp

Thirty-nine swimmers from the Thompson-Okanagan and Kootenay regions took part in a regional 12&U camp last weekend in Penticton. Regional Technical Coach Mike Flegel led off the camp stressing the importance of underwater kicking, the fact that underwater kicking requires speed, consistency and good use of the recovery of the kick.

Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska stressed the need to try and balance oneself on the surface of the water while maintaining good posture. The campers were led through stroke progressions covering all four strokes as well as the turns.

Recently retired National team member Brian Johns added a lot of information and experience to the camp. Brian demonstrated a start progression from Start Camp held last spring at the National Training Center in Vancouver, which the swimmers found to be both beneficial and fun. Brian related some of his swimming stories and experiences for the group.

Swimmers were given a talk on the importance of focusing on the process of attaining their goals as opposed to just setting a goal, and the importance of focusing on that process everyday. The swimmers learned a quick relaxation technique and then did some mental imagery, trying to incorporate all of their senses into the images.

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