2014 SwimBC Regional Camp - Thompson-Okangan-Kootenay

SwimBC’s second Regional Camp of the season took place on October 25-26, in Kamloops, with swimmers from the Thompson-Okanagan, as well as Kootenay region in attendance.

We were once again, very fortunate and pleased to have former World Champion and Olympic medalist, Brent Hayden, in attendance, and his heartfelt message of perseverance, determination, and achievement at whatever level, struck a chord with the swimmers and coaches present.

Once again, SwimBC Regional Coach, Mike Flegel, led the swimmers through stroke progressions of all four strokes, with each of them developing around the four “BIG IDEAS” of Fish/Dolphin kick, Body Balance/Position, Anchoring at the start of the pull, and then developing power in the pull.

The activation protocol that the swimmers were taken through prior to each water sessions provided an on-land opportunity to practice a lot of the body positions and muscle activations (particularly from the shoulder blade) that leads to the key factor of minimizing resistance through the water while developing optimal force production from arms and legs.

The video analyst / expert from Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific, Graham Olson, had his camera equipment set up to provide the swimmers with immediate and impactful feedback on their body position and stroke mechanics by having underwater video playing on a time delay.  That setup was also used that to capture a 25m timed underwater kick (275MB, so it will take a while for it to load/play) for each of the swimmers.
Cumulative ranking of the timed 25m kick is available here, updated after each of the camps. 

The swimmers also received an informative and engaging presentation from Courtney Gault, while also providing the swimmers with great examples of healthful and helpful foods to fuel performance.

Ryan Jensen, a coach with Athletics BC, used the spectacular track at the Tournament Capital Centre in Kamloops (adjacent to the pool complex) to give the swimmers some pointers on proper running technique and form.

SwimBC extends its thanks to the staff of Kamloops Classic Swimming for their assistance with the logistics of organizing the camp in Kamloops at the pool as well as in utilizing some ideal classroom space at Thompson Rivers University.