LMR Regional Camp #2 - Feb. 22-23, 2014

SwimBC's penultimate Regional camp of the 2013-2014 season took place on the February 22-23, weekend at Watermania in Richmond, and despite the snow coming down incessantly outside, the swimmers inside pool complex enjoyed a great learning opportunity.

Once again, the camp was very pleased to have special guest and two-time Olympian, Scott Dickens on hand to share his experiences and lessons on what it takes to persevere and rise to the top.  His message to the swimmers of having passion for what they're doing, finding the fun in it, and to "Never Give Up" really resonated as he recounted the highs and mediums and lows of his swimming career.

The swimmers also had a running clinic presented by Triathlon Coach, Noa Deutsch, who gave the swimmers tips on proper running technique and form.  Cristina Suter came by on Sunday to also deliver a presentation on nutrition, focusing on how best to fuel the body for performance on a day-to-day basis during training, the importance of recovery nutrition (be sure to have something to eat within 30 minutes of the conclusion of a workout), and then finally, how best to eat when at a swimming competition (during the day at the meet, eat small amounts - it's better to hit a race being a little bit hungry as opposed to a little too full).

In the water, we went through each of the strokes, working on the "Big Ideas" of fish kicking, body balance in the water, anchoring at the top of the pull, finishing off the pull, and recovery.

Scott provided many great instructional tips on breastroke technique, all of which built on those same ideas of balance (staying narrow / level in the water), anchor (both with the kick and the pull), finishing the kick (point feet and toes), and recovery (lift arms above head as you extend arms forward to maintain that good body line at the surface).

Graham Olson was able to come in on Sunday to provide underwater video feedback to the swimmers, who did a great job of analyzing for themselves by looking at the time-shifted video how well they were doing on the assigned skills.

Video from the timed 25m underwater kick is below; special mention goes to Jimmy Zhang (WVOSC) who set the new "best time" for our camps, posting a 12.6.

(The underwater camera, perhaps a little cranky from the early wake-up call that day, unfortunately had some drop-outs.)