2015 Regional Camps - LMR-1 Age Group

The third of SwimBC’s six Age Group camps in the first half of the 2015-2016 season took place on November 6-7, in Chilliwack, BC, while our first of our revamped Regional Prospects Camps ran the subsequent two days in Richmond.

The Regional Age Group camp was the first under the new format of running a half-day Friday afternoon-evening, followed by a full day with two water sessions on the Saturday. Over 50 (?!) swimmers from the Lower Mainland took part in the camp, which, as with previous iterations of these camps, has focused on defining proper stroke technique, analyzing some “big ideas” that apply to all four strokes.  Specifically, these include body balance and alignment; recovery of *arms* (as opposed to the hands), dolphin & fish kick, scapular movement to effect an efficient “catch” of the water at the top of the stroke, and pulling the body past that catch point in the water (as opposed to the converse).

Brent Hayden once again came in to share his story of perseverance, setback, determination, and ultimately, body-mind-soul success at the 2012 Olympics, to the swimmers, while Graham Olson from the Canadian Sport Institute in Vancouver provided video feedback and analysis, and Carl Nienhuis, who has been our mental performance consultant at the most recent Canada and Western Canada Summer Games, spoke to the swimmers about defining their “bubble”, the inherent joy of learning, and how to keep the lizard brain in check when it seeks to disrupt their performance.