2015 Regional Camps - LMR-1 Prospects

SwimBC ran its first Prospects camp of the season, and the first in a new format, on November 8-9, in Richmond, with a very enthusiastic group of six Prospects-aged (13-15yr. girls and 14-16yr. boys) swimmers. Led by Regional Coach, Mike Flegel, along with Provincial Teams Coordinator, Carrie Matheson and CDSC Assistant Coach, Travis Kam, the group thoroughly enjoyed the experience, gathering some baseline testing and measurement data, plus taking in a lot of learning.

With the group, we were able to do a maximum effort 100m swim, all of which was recorded both above and below the water. We then took time during the classroom sessions to study in frame-by-frame analysis, some technique points, then provided the swimmers with time back in the pool later in the day to work on those technical details.

To the credit of the swimmers, they threw themselves into this process, asking lots of questions, seeking for feedback and suggestions, trying different things, and overall, gaining a clear understanding of what they can work to improve upon.

The test sets, as prescribed from the Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific physiologists who work directly with the Swimming Canada’s High Performance Centres, included a timed 2000m swim, 400m kick, and 50m max. effort from a dive. Given that we had Graham Olson in attendance again, we captured video of that 50 as well.

The swimmers spent a good portion of one of the four two-hour training blocks in the pool working on starts and turns, with real-time underwater video feedback being provided within seconds.

In addition to presentations once again from Brent Hayden and Carl Nienhuis, for the first-time ever, we brought in a DCO from the CCES to talk about DOPING.
(Translated:  Canada’s national anti-doping agency across all sports – the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport – made one of their Doping Control Officers available to give the swimmers an educational seminar on anti-doping measures, processes and procedures.)

The swimmers and coaches in attendance really appreciated this information, asking numerous questions and fully engaging with the information being presented – part of which went step-by-step (with a couple of obviously omitted steps) through the provision and collection of a “sample”.

Each of the swimmers at the conclusion of the camp offered the staff very sincere appreciation for what was accomplished over the course of the camp, with each of them, unsolicited, giving very specific items that they learned, observed, or experienced.

In addition to Brent and Carl for their excellent presentations once again, SwimBC would like to thank Ted Lorenz for his anti-doping presentation.  And most gratefully, we wish to thank the staff and management of the Wayland Sports Club in Richmond for coming in during off-hours to allow us use of the their pool and facility for the camp on Monday.