2015 Regional Camps - Northwest & Northeast

SwimBC’s first two Regional Age Group camps of the 2015-2016 season took place in the latter part of October, with the Northwest camp taking place in Prince Rupert, while the Northeast camp took place in Prince George.

A small but very enthusiastic group of swimmers took part in the Prince Rupert camp, which also saw 2012 Olympian, Alec Page, speak to the swimmers about his path from swimming in a lake as a 10-year-old on Cortez Island off of Vancouver Island, to competing at the 2012 Olympics in London less than a decade later.

Meanwhile, in Prince George just over 10 days later, Brent Hayden joined the show to share his own story.  Both swimmers made the point that without the struggles and obstacles along the way, they could not possibly have achieved all that they achieved in the sport.  Brent, in particular, with far more years at the Senior International level, spoke eloquently and passionately about the expectations and subsequent shortcomings he experienced, particularly in the wake of his 2007 World Championship gold medal, but which he was able to learn from to put together a perfect race at the London2012 Olympic Games.

As we have done in past years, the SwimBC staff and club coaches at these camps worked with the swimmers on technique, technique, and more technique, breaking down each of the strokes into component parts before putting them back together.

At the Northeast event in Prince George, Regional Coach Mike Flegel, also delivered a presentation to parents on the impact and importance of their support to the success (“success” being redefined to a certain extent) of their child’s endeavors in the sport.  As always, the reaction of the assembled parents to this presentation extremely positive, having clearly struck a cord with the parents. 

SwimBC wishes to extend its thanks to the host Prince George Barracudas for their assistance in organizing the camp, as well as to Brent Hayden for his time over the weekend, and to Graham Olson, who provided real-time video feedback for the swimmers throughout the pool sessions at the camp.