Lower Mainland Regional Camp April 28-29

This past weekend the outdoor pool at UBC hosted the last of the 2011-2012 Regional Camps. This Lower Mainland camp featured twenty-three 12 year olds who had been a finalist at the short course AAA Championships in March. The camp was a hybrid between the more technical focus of the Regional camps and the applied skills of the Prospects camps. After learning some new drills, swimmers spent the weekend counting strokes, controlling speed and learning race tactics.
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Lower Mainland Regional Camp #2

Regional Technical Coach Mike Flegel led the final Regional Training Camp of the year, June 04-05 at Watermania in Richmond. He was joined by Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska and National Team members Brian Johns and Tanya Hunks. Twenty-eight swimmers representing numerous LMR clubs were in attendance.

The program was again based around the 4 BIG IDEAS of Posture, Recovery, Anchor and Fish kick that have been used in all of the regional camps. The LMR swimmers showed themselves to be a very coachable group with great listening skills and a willingness to try new ideas.

Brian and Tanya shared many stories around their Olympic and National team experiences that the swimmers found informative, inspiring and sometimes just funny.

Click here for the weekend's workouts