Status Update on Proposed Competition Format Changes for 2010-2011

At the December 8, 2009, meeting of SwimBC's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), there was considerable discussion and debate on the format changes which had been proposed for SwimBC events (AA, AAA, Senior Champs) going forward from 2010.  

A consensus on the direction to pursue could not be reached, meaning that the proposal that was put forward in Spring 2009, and for which considerable effort was made to gather feedback and input from coaches across the province, will not be going forward.

This does not necessarily mean that there will not be changes to the structure of those meets for 2010-2011, as some minor tweaks and adjustments were suggested; rather, this means that as things currently stand, the proposal (which included some type of provincial events in December, February, May, and July and would have featured a "club championship"-type of meet at some point) will not be implemented for the upcoming 2010-2011 season.

SwimBC wishes to thank everyone for their input and contributions to the discussion.