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Canadians open Australian U18 championships with seven victories

SYDNEY, Australia (January, 4, 2010) – Canada posted seven victories on Monday to open the New South Wales under-18 swimming championships being held this week at the Homebush Olympic pool.

The highlights were 1-2 finishes in both the men’s and women’s 400-metre freestyle in the 17-18 age group.

In the men’s 400 freestyle, Jeremy Bagshaw (Island Swimming) was the winner in three minutes and 52 .86 seconds. Chad Bobrosky of Calgary was second in 3:56.66. In the women’s 400 freestyle, 2008 Olympian Lindsay Seeman of Newmarket, Ont., took top spot in 4:13.93 with Savannah King (UBCD) in second at 4:20.49.

“I was pretty happy with the swim,” said Bagshaw, 17. “My main goal was to build up into my third 100-metre and have a fast final 100. I’ve been training a lot harder for this season and that’s making a big difference so far. This trip has been a great experience and a great environment to train in.”

Canadians were also 1-2 in two other races.

In the men’s 200 butterfly for 16-year-olds, Thomas Jobin of Calgary was first in 2:05.15 and Kyle McIntee, a Canadian currently living in Texas, was second in 2:05.49. In the women’s 200 backstroke for 15-year-olds, Brittany MacLean of Toronto (Etobicoke) prevailed in 2:15.63 with Chantal Van Landeghem of Winnipeg second in 2:18.60.

Canada’s other victories were in the women’s events. Alexandra Gabor (WGB) took the 100 freestyle for 16-year-olds in 56.42; Katerine Savard of Quebec City won the 200 butterfly for 16-year-olds in 2:15.35, and Lauren Earp of Toronto (Etobicoke) placed first in the 800 freestyle for 15-year-olds in 9:03.23.

“I think I could have gone even faster,” said Savard. “But it is still a great way to start the year. I controlled my first 100-metre really well and kept focused on my breathing throughout the race. This is my first international team experience and I was anxious to get the first race underway.”

Other Canadian finalists were Matthew Kwatyra of London, Ont., and James Kendrick of Calgary eighth and ninth respectively in the 100 freestyle for 16-year-olds and 50 freestyle for 17-18.

The 20-member Canadian team is comprised of 12 junior and eight youth-aged swimmers from the national development program which has been training in Australia since December 29.

Second individual win for Gabor and Seeman at Australian U18 swimming championships

SYDNEY (January, 5, 2010)– After being afflicted with an illness this past fall and missing valuable training time, 2008 Olympian Lindsay Seeman of Newmarket., Ont., wasn’t expecting to swim this fast at the New South Wales under-18 swimming championships being held this week at the Homebush Olympic pool.

But Seeman appears near top form after posting a second individual victory on Tuesday with a win in the women’s 400-metre individual medley for 17-18 year-olds. Seeman finished more than six seconds ahead of her closest pursuer clocking 4:47.09. Savannah King (UBCD) was fourth.

“This was a really good 400 IM for this early in the season,” said Seeman. “More than I expected especially with the missed training. Was I was most happy about were my split times which were very consistent. I had a really rough fall and that had set me back quite a bit.”

Alexandra Gabor (WGB) whose 2009 season was highlighted by a world championship berth and winning the Yukon’s first ever gold at the Canada Games, took the women’s 400 freestyle for 16-year-olds. She opened the evening finals clocking four minutes and 15.04 seconds more than two seconds ahead of Australian Jessica Ashwood in second. Tera Van Beilen of Oakville, Ont., was fourth.

Canada was also 1-2 in both the men’s and women’s 100 breaststrokes for 16-year-olds. In the women’s race, Ashley McGregor of Pointe-Claire, Que., was the winner in 1:11.71 edging Van Beilen in second at 1:11.79. In the men’s race, Alec Page (Island Swimming) placed first in 1:08.02 with Mack Darragh of Oakville second in 1:08.37.

“It felt alright,” said McGregor, on her first trip to Australia. “I was hoping to go a bit faster. Tera and I had a really good battle and it was fun to race her. She was in the lane right beside me so I knew how close the race was.”

Canadian teams were the fastest in both 4X50 freestyle relays. The women’s race was won by Lauren Earp and Brittany MacLean, both of Toronto (Etobicoke), Chantal Van Landeghem of Winnipeg and Gabor. The men’s race winning team members were Chad Bobrosky of Calgary, Jeremy Bagshaw (Island Swimming), James Kendrik of Calgary and Karl Wolk of Calgary.

In the women’s 100 freestyle for 15-year-olds, Earp and MacLean were second and third in 56.34 and 57.62 respectively.

Gabor added a silver in her 50 freestyle finishing in 27.01 with Julie Calvert of Oakville in seventh.

Kyle McIntee, a Canadian living in Texas, was second in the men’s 400 freestyle for 16-year-olds with Page fifth while Nicholas Sinclair of Victoria was also second in the men’s 100 backstroke for 17-18 year-olds with Wolk sixth.

Third individual gold for Canada’s Lindsay Seemann at Australian U18

SYDNEY, Australia (January 6, 2010) – Canadian Olympian Lindsay Seemann of Newmarket, Ont., collected her third individual gold at the New South Wales under-18 swimming championships on Wednesday with a victory in the women’s 200-metre freestyle in the 17-18 age group.

Seemann topped a 1-2 Canadian finish in the race clocking two minutes and 02.09 seconds. Savannah King of Vancouver won the silver medal in 2:05.15. Seemann also won the 400 IM on Tuesday and the 400 freestyle on Monday.

“The 200 freestyle is a race I’ve been improving a lot in the past year,” said Seemann. “I don’t really specialize in any event right now and I pretty much race individual medley, backstroke and freestyle at every meet. But this was another strong race for me tonight.”

It was a Canadian medal sweep in the men’s 400 individual medley for 16-year-olds, with Mack Darragh of Oakville, Ont., first in 4:30.56, Matthew Kwatyra of London, Ont., second in 4:30.72 and Alec Page (Island Swimming) third in 4:35.61.

“It was a really good time for me at this point in our season,” said Darragh. “I stayed strong through the race and made sure I worked well on my freestyle technique and held it all together. I had to catch Matthew on the last 100 so it turned out to be a very good strategy.”

Kwatyra was also pleased with his performance.

“It was close to my personal best time,” he said. “My breaststroke improved a lot and I was able to improve on my butterfly as well.”

Canada was also 1-2 in the men’s 200 freestyle in the 17-18 age group, with Chad Bobrosky of Calgary earning the win in 1:51.50 and Jeremy Bagshaw (Island Swimming), a close second in 1:51.64.

In three other women’s races Canadians placed second and third: Lauren Earp and Brittany MacLean, both of Toronto (Etobicoke) in the 400’s freestyle for 15-year-olds; Tera Van Beilen and Julie Calvert, both of Oakville, in the 400 IM for 16-year-olds and Earp and Chantal Van Landeghem of Winnipeg in the 50 freestyle for 15-year-olds.

Bagshaw and Darragh both captured a second medal finishing second in the 200 freestyle and third in the 100 backstroke respectively. 

Competition continues through to Saturday.  Online Results available