NCCP Courses Offered in Vancouver

The Coaches Association of BC will be hosting all six Competition Coach modules in Vancouver at Langara College. This is the only method through which coaches will be able to complete these modules, one of the requirements within the Competition Coach context.  (See this page for how/where these modules fit into the certification process).

As a quick reminder, Competition Coach is the replacement for the "old" NCCP Level 3, and will be a pre-requisite for some Provincial Teams selections, most notably, Canada Games. 

Module Date(s) Time(s) Room Cost  
Leading Drug Free Sport Mar 25 6PM-10PM G100 40 Register Online
Developing Athletic Abilities Mar 26; 27 6PM-9PM; 9AM-5PM G100 85 Register Online
Prevention & Recovery Mar 28 9AM-5PM G100 60 Register Online
Managing Conflict Apr 8 6:30-10PM G100 40 Register Online
Coaching & Leading Effectively Apr 9; 10 6:30-9PM; 9AM-5PM G100 80 Register Online
Psychology of Performance Apr 11 9AM-5PM G100 70 Register Online


If you or your coaches have any questions regarding these modules please contact Will Stewart, Coach Education Manager at the Coaches Association of BC by email at or by phone at (604) 333.3600 ext 1.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing some of your coaches at these classroom sessions.

PacificSport Interior will also be hosting these six modules approximately a month later in Kamloops at Tournament Capital Centre. Take a look here for a complete list of the upcoming Competition Development modules.

For a review of how these courses play a part in the new NCCP certification pathways, please see this page.