New SwimBC Time Trial Sanction Category

SwimBC has created a new time trial sanction type - the Record Attempt Time Trial sanction - as there are specific FINA and Swimming Canada rules (CSW 3.5) which must be observed to be able to recognize a performance from a time trial as a possible new record.

For a Provincial or National record to be ratified from a time trial performance, the sanction application MUST have used this specific category, for which there is a separate fee ($40) even if you have already paid the season-long time trial fee.

Also, be aware of the following with regards to the Class One - Record Attempt Time Trial and requirements from Swimming Canada and SwimBC:

1.  Mixed gender racing will not be permitted.

2.  Mixed distance races will not be permitted (i.e., you cannot have a relay of 8x50 working to set the pace of someone attempting a 400m record, for example)

3.  Automatic timing system is STRONGLY recommended, showing all splits; if automatic timing is not available, then the stated rule (CSW 12.18.3) indicates that THREE stopwatches be used, with all splits recorded.

4.  The specific Record-Attempt sanction application must be in the system at least THREE FULL DAYS (72 hours) prior to the date/time of the record-attempt swim.

5.  The "meet package" uploaded alongside the sanction application must specifically identify the event and the swimmer(s) who will be contesting the record in that event.

Clubs will be permitted to do other races outside of that specific record attempt under that same sanction; those "other events" would similarly have to be listed on the meet package upload, as usual.

Please do not hesitate to contact at the SwimBC office if you have any questions on this.