SwimBC Announces New Corporate Partnership

In looking to expand its corporate partnerships, SwimBC is very pleased to announce a new corporate partnership with FuelDoctor, a company that produces a product that helps reduce fuel consumption and decrease carbon emissions from vehicles.

Having already sold over 100,000 units already in the United States, FuelDoctor has now come to Canada and has chosen to partner with SwimBC to offer a great deal to anyone looking to purchase their product.

The FuelDoctor unit itself is a simple thing that plugs into the 12V outlet (cigarette lighter, to use "old" terminology) and works by through power conditioning of the vehicle's electrical system; conditioned and clean electrical flow allows the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU), fuel injection, and timing equipment to operate more effectively and efficiently, resulting in better fuel economy.

With its 30-day money-back guarantee (if you don't like it, simply send it back), the unit sells in the USA for up to $79.95.  However, with the special SwimBC coupon code (13579 - easy to remember: simply the odd numbers between 1 and 10), users save $5 off the $79.95 retail price, receive FREE expedited shipping, plus a splitter to plug into your vehicle's 12V outlet so that you can still plug in your GPS power adapter or other accessory alongside the FuelDoctor unit.

And, for the first 100 orders placed, a 12V USB charger (so you can charge any USB peripheral such as GPS, iPhone/iPod, cell phone - anything that has a standard USB plug-in) will be added in at no additional cost.

Orders can be placed directly at the FuelDoctor Canada website: https://www.fueldoctorcanada.ca/

The unit comes with a full one-year warranty, as well as the 30-day money-back guarantee.  It works with gasoline, diesel, or propane-powered vehicles, but is not recommended for use in hybrid vehicles such as the Prius.  Best results are obtained from vehicles over two years old.

SwimBC looks forward to a great partnership with FuelDoctor, providing an opportunity for everyone to save money at the pumps as well as doing a small part in saving the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.