SwimBC Athletes Represent on Youth Team at Great Britain Tour

Canada’s 16 member squad consisting of young Olympic swimming hopefuls will face Britain’s top 13 and over talent and a select Northern England team during a Tri-Meet tomorrow and Sunday at the Sunderland Aquatics Centre in England.  

The 2-day event will highlight a full Olympic long course agenda, that will mark the first of two competition for the Canadians while in England for a 3-week tour.

Canada’s aspiring Olympians will showcase 17-year-old 2010 Pan Pacific team member, Luke Peddie of Edmonton as well as Youth Olympic Games Champion Tera Van Beilen of Oakville, Ont. 

“Our team consists of several young aspiring swimmers that have made their mark in the international swimming arena last year,” said Pierre Lafontaine, CEO and National Coach for Swimming Canada.  

“Many of these athletes will become a force to reckon with as we fight for podium finishes at the next two Olympics.  Experiencing the UK will provide great insight for London 2012.”

For Lafontaine, building the future for Canadian swimming is an ongoing effort and key in Swimming Canada’s success.  

“We want to expose our swimmers to the rest of the world at an early stage so they can come back to their clubs and get excited about training harder and motivating their teammates to do the same,” adds Lafontaine.

The team arrived in Great Britain on December 28th and were given the opportunity to train aside the Brits during a training camp in Sunderland, UK.

The Canadian and British coaches shared the responsibility of writing the training sessions and met after each session to evaluate and de-brief the details of the training sets and the performances of the athletes.

“It was very tough training as the athletes really competed against each other in all the sets,” said Ken McKinnon, National Junior Coach for Swimming Canada.

“The scenario of a combined training and competition program will be a great test for toughness amongst our swimmers as they compete this weekend”  

“We expect them to train hard and follow up with some fast racing when they haven’t been rested or tapered.”

Building the next wave of Olympic champions is top priority for Swimming Canada.  

“The world of swimming is getting faster by the day,” said Lafontaine.  “We’ve seen great improvement in our program over the last quadrennial, but when the world is taking a step forward, we need to be taking three.”

The Canadian squad for the 2011 Youth and Junior Great Britain Tour is comprised of:
(Swimmer, Age, Club, Coach, Hometown) 

Female 17 & Under          

  • Lindsay DELMAR, 17, University of Calgary Swim Club, Jan Bidrman, Calgary, AB
  • Brittany MACLEAN, 16, Etobicoke Swim Club, Kevin Thorburn, Etobicoke, ON
  • Kierra SMITH, 16, Liquid Lightning Swim Club, Emil Dimitrov, Kelowna, BC
  • Tera VAN BEILEN, 17 Oakville Aquatic Club, Alex Wallingford, Oakville, ON
  • Chantal VAN LANDEGHEM, 16, Manta Swim Club, Tom Hainey, Winnipeg, MB

Female 15 & Under          

  • Caitlin HODGE, 16, North York Aquatic Club, Murray Drudge, Toronto, ON
  • Marni OLDERSHAW, 16, Oakville Aquatic Club, Alex Wallingford, Oakville, ON
  • Noemie THOMAS, 14, UBC Dolphins, Tom Rushton, Tsawwassen, BC

Male 18 & Under          

  • Lyam DIAS, 17, Pointe Claire Swim Club, Ryan Mallette, L'Original, ON
  • Richard FUNK, 17, Edmonton Keyano Swim Club, Steve Price, Edmonton, AB
  • Matthew KWATYRA, 16, London Aquatic Club, Andrew Craven, London, ON
  • Luke PEDDIE, 17, Olympian Swim Club, Carl Simonson, Edmonton, AB
  • Keegan ZANATTA, 17, Island Swimming, Neil Harvey, Victoria, BC 

Male 16 & Under          

  • Brayden SALMON, 17 London Aquatic Club, Andrew Craven, London, ON
  • Mack DARRAGH, 15 Oakville Aquatic Club, Alex Wallingford, Oakville, ON
  • Alec PAGE, 16, Island Swimming, Neil Harvey, Victoria, BC


  • Murray DRUDGE, North York Aquatic Club, Toronto, ON  
  • Neil HARVEY, Island Swimming, Victoria, BC  
  • Steve PRICE, Edmonton Keyano Swim Club, Edmonton, AB  
  • Tom RUSHTON, UBC Dolphins, Tsawwassen, BC