10 BC Swimmers on Para Pan Pacific Team

The 2011 Pan Pacific Para-swimming Championships in Edmonton will host the top London 2012 contenders from Australia, Canada, Japan, USA and select countries that have been invited to the showdown. Ten BC swimmers have been selected to represent Canada at this competition. Congratulations swimmers and coaches!

The remaining 5 spots on the team will be selected at the upcoming Speedo CANAM Championships help in Gatineau, QC this July.

 Canadian Team Roster

 Men (7) [Swimmer, Club, Hometown, Coach]: Magnus Batara, RAPID, Richmond BC, Drew Mclure; Mike Diering, Chena, North Vancouver BC, Daryl Rudolph; Kyle McMahon, ISLAND, Victoria, BC, Martin Gurrin; Scott Paterson, Chena, Vancouver BC, Marianne Alveraz; Adam Rahier, NRST, Nanaimo BC, Scott Flood; Nathan Stein, SKSC, Maple Ridge BC, Reg Shaw; Donovan Tildesley, UBCD, Vancouver BC, Kevin Johns.

Women (3) [Swimmer, Club, Hometown, Coach]: Stephanie McDougall, SKSC, Maple Ridge BC, Reg Shaw; Sarah Mehain, VKSC, Vernon BC, Renate Terpstra; Brianna Nelson, ISLAND, Victoria, BC, Martin Gurrin