BC Gov't Releases Final Pool Design Guidelines Document

In the autumn of 2010, the BC Government, Ministry of Health, released a DRAFT document, soliciting feedback from key stakeholders on updates and upgrades to the rules and guidelines surrounding the construction, use, and operation of swimming pool.

Contained in that initial draft document was some wording surrounding depth for diving that caused concern for some facilities and the clubs that used those facilities, and which also contradicted rules governing depth requirements in other parts of the document.

SwimBC communicated to the Ministry these issues, and we are pleased to report that the official release of the completed document (which can be downloaded and read here) adheres to the FINA standards for depth for all diving and starting platforms (which will include starting blocks). 

To quote from Page 18 of that Design Guideline publication:

Requirements for Diving

Pools of the type wherein diving is permitted should have adequate clearances and depth of water for safe diving. The Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA - www.fina.org) standards should be followed for clearances and water depths for springboards, diving platforms and starter blocks.

And then to quote from the FINA rules:

Depth - A minimum depth of 1.35 metres, extending from 1.0 metre to at least 6.0 metres from the end wall, is required for pools with starting blocks. A minimum depth of 1.0 metre is required elsewhere.