Time Standards for 2011-2012 Season

Following review and discussion among SwimBC staff, its Technical Advisory Committee, and the BC Swim Coaches Association, SwimBC is pleased to have the support of the aforementioned groups for the 2011-2012 time standards, as well as the general format for SwimBC AA and AAA Championships.

Here are the key points with regards to the standards and the format of these meets.

  • For most age groups, the time standards are 1% faster than they were in the 2010-2011 season
  • The exception to this is the 11&U standards, which will remain as they were in 2010-2011 in an effort to increase the depth in these events at AA and AAA Championships
  • There will be no 10&U / SwimStars events at AA or AAA Championships
    • 10&U swimmers who meet the 11&U qualifying times will be eligible to compete in the 11&U events at AA or AAA Championships
  • Swimmers who qualify for BC AAA Championships (i.e., they have one or more AAA times) will continue to be dequalified from participating in BC AA Championships
  • Each swimmer who qualifies for BC AAA Championships or BC AA Championships will be eligible to enter up to FIVE events*
  • Each swimmer at BC AAA Championships or BC AA Championships will be allowed to enter a maximum of SEVEN individual events; they would need the qualifying time in each of those seven events.  

*Non-qualifed swims must meet a certain standard, well below the qualifying standard, not yet determined

2011-2012 SwimBC Time Standards