Important Memo from SNC Regarding Swim-a-thon

It came to the attention of Swimming Canada on January 24th that an on‐line company called “Raiseathon/Raising Spirit” has been sending emails to Swim Clubs across Canada encouraging them to raise Swim‐A‐Thon funds through their on‐line donation system.

Be advised that the term "Swim‐a‐thon" is a registered trademark of Swimming Canada and we have not authorized “Raiseathon” to use our trademark. “Raiseathon” was contacted January 24th to advise them of this and were told to immediately remove all references of our trademark on their website, print material and any other communication platforms. They have agreed to this demand.

Since Swimming Canada owns the Swim‐A‐Thon trademark, swim clubs must agree to certain conditions regarding use of the term Swim‐A‐Thon, how a Swim‐A‐Thon is run, the collecting of donations, reporting to their PSO’s, etc.

We have authorized the Provincial Section offices the responsibility of administering the Swim‐A‐Thon program for their registered swim clubs along with the issuing of tax receipts to “eligible donors”. Swimming Canada, as the Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, must comply with various government rules and requirements in order to maintain our RCAAA status and, as such, our ability to issue tax receipts. This involves strict control on who is eligible to receive a tax receipt and the issuing of tax receipts. We must exercise due diligence in this regard.

We recognize that Swim‐A‐Thon is a major fundraiser for swim clubs and clubs are looking for ways in which to maximize funds through an on‐line donation system. However, we cannot allow swim clubs who raise funds through Swim‐A‐Thon to independently decide to use a “random” on‐line donation program unauthorized by SNC.

Swim clubs need to be aware that this avenue of collecting funds has not been approved by Swimming Canada and will not be recognized as “Swim‐A‐Thon donations” as per the policies and procedures that have been outlined to the Provincial Sections by SNC. Any “Swim‐A‐Thon donations” received in this manner will be considered non‐ compliant and not eligible for tax receipts.

This memo from CRA outlines the rules on Gifts and Donations for tax purposes.