Women in Coaching Initiative

Swim BC would like to announce a Women in Coaching Initiative. Swim BC will fund one female coach to attend Prospects West, March 26-30, 2012 in Montreal during the Olympic Trials. All female coaches are eligible to apply. Consideration will be given to those coaching swimmers in the 12-15 year-old age group.

The selected coach will be responsible for coaching during the camp as well as keeping a log of the workouts.

The selected coach will be responsible to show how they would implement ideas gained from the camp into their weekly template and a mesocycle using sample workouts and planning documents. This will be due by April 15, 2012.

 Coaches will apply in writing via email to Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska outlining their current coaching position and responsibilities, plus what they would be seeking to learn and gain from this initiative.

Submit applications to vincemikuska@swimbc.ca by Tuesday January 31.