Timed Underwater Dolphin Kick

UPDATE: Results now available in this document.

During the Swim BC Regional and Provincial Camps this fall we have had all the swimmers do a timed dive 25 underwater dolphin kick. After long discussions about what we can do to improve our underwater skills, we settled on the timed 25 as a measure. A couple of different books on the concept of change, including Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard,  have suggested that the way to change a culture is to simply focus on one thing. We think that this one measure used regularly can be a catalyst to make us the best province at the underwater component of swimming.

There are several components to the skill; start, streamline, core strength, quality of the kick, breath holding, being some of them. We feel that this is an easy measure across all those components. The swimmers get quite engaged. They are immediately competitive about.

We can run through thirty some athletes in about 15 minutes not knowing their names. I’m sure in the club setting it can be done even quicker. We have posted the times as part of the Regional and Provincial camp reports so everyone can see where they rank. A collation of all the times done so far will be posted to use as a reference. If you wish to add swimmers to the list, simply download and complete this Excel template, then email to SwimBC Regional Coach, Mike Flegel.

The Rules

The 25 is from a dive, dolphin kick only, swimmers cannot use their arms. The kick is done underwater however, if they have to take a breath, that is allowed but they cannot use their arms when they do. Touch is with two hands. Swimmers can use any kind of dolphin kick, on their front back or side.

Dean Boles of Swim Ontario has established benchmarks of 12.5 seconds for men and 13.5 seconds for women as part of his senior program. Lets see how we measure up!

The Results

As we receive results from clubs, we will update this document to show the ranking, fastest to slowest, separated by age groups (15&O, 13-14, 11-12, 10&U).