2012 Canadian Age Group Championships - Day 1

The Canadian Age Group Championships opened today at the Talisman Center in Calgary Alberta. Over 1600 swimmers have descended upon the two-pool facility to test themselves against the best in the country. BC opened the meet with 10 gold medals, 4 silver and 7 bronze. Wednesday night’s medal results are as follows.

100 Butterfly:

  • 13 year old girls, Wendy Yang Hyack, silver
  • 14 year old girls, Emily Overholt WVOSC, gold
  • 15 year old girls, Haley Black PGB, gold
  • 16-18 girls, Noemie Thomas VAND, gold
  • 13&U boys, Skyeler Kerr INCONNU, gold; Colin Gilbert KCS, bronze

200 Backstroke:

  • 12&U girls, Lauren Crisp, UVIC-PCS, gold
  • 15 year old girls, Haley Black, PGB, silver
  • 14 year old boys, Marcus Thormeyer, VAND, gold
  • 16 year old boys, Luke Reilly, VAND, bronze

50 Breaststroke

  • 12&U girls, Renae Ledoux. LOSC, bronze
  • 13 year old girls, Esmee Smit-Anseeuw, PSW, bronze
  • 14 year old girls, Hillary Metcalfe, LOSC, gold; Kirsten Gilberg WDSC, bronze
  • 16-18 girls, Kierra Smith, LLSC, gold
  • 13&U boys, Kevin Ye, Rapids, silver
  • 15 year old boys, James Dergousoff, Chena, silver

1500 Freestyle

  • 14 year old girls, Sara Whelan, Hyack, bronze
  • 15 year old boys, Chris Paproski, Chena, bronze
  • 16-18 girls, Sherry Liu, Hyack, gold
  • 16 year old boys, Jon McKay, UVIC-PCS, silver
  • 17-18 year old boys, Stefan Milosevic, Hyack, gold; Justin Chan VAND, bronze