2012 Canadian Age Group Championships - Day 3

Day 3 of the Canadian Age Group Championships saw a comeback by BC swimmers, highlighted by six gold medals in the 200 Butterfly.  Emily Overholt, WVOSC, had her third gold medal. Haley Black, PGB, Sherry Liu, Hyack and Noemie Thomas, VAND had their second wins. Twenty-seven medals were won, 11 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze. Friday night’s medal results by event are as follows.

100 Breaststroke:

  • 14 year old girls, Hillary Metcalfe, LOSC, silver
  • 16-18 girls, Kierra Smith, LLSC, gold
  • 13&U boys, Kevin Ye, Rapids, gold
  • 15 year old boys, James Dergousoff, Chena, silver

200 Butterfly:

  • 13 year old girls, Esmee Smit-Ansueew, PSW, gold, Robyn Nakano, LOSC, bronze
  • 14 year old girls, Emily Overholt, WVOSC, gold
  • 15 year old girls, Haley Black, PGB, gold
  • 16-18 girls, Noemie Thomas, VAND, gold
  • 13&U boys, Colin Gilbert, KCS, silver; Lucas Tyler, LLSC, bronze
  • 14 year old boys, Justin Schramm, LOSC, gold
  • 15 year old boys, Saveli Yungman, PGB, silver
  • 16 year old boys, Jon McKay, UVIC-PCS, gold; Nicolaas Dekker, Rapids, silver, Jordan Morford, HSSC, bronze

50 Freestyle:

  • 13 year old girls, Wendy Yang, Hyack, bronze
  • 14 year old girls, Heather Lam, VAND, bronze
  • 13&U year old boys, Skyeler Kerr, INCONNU, silver
  • 15 year old boys, Darren Yuan, PSW, bronze
  • 17-18 boys, Sergey Holson, VAND, bronze

800 Freestyle:

  • 15 year old girls, Danica Ludlow, PGB, silver
  • 16-18 girls, Sherry Liu, Hyack, gold; Taylor Padington, IS, bronze
  • 13&U boys, Colin Gilbert KCS, gold
  • 16 year old boys, Luke Reilly, VAND, gold
  • 17-18 boys, Adam Holme, Chena, silver